Joys of the Internet.

Dearest Reader,

As I pen my thoughts into the infinite world of the internet, I am left feeling joyful. This joy comes from a particular understanding that the reality of the nature of the web is as fragile as a pane of glass. People can yell, yet nobody listens. People can write, yet nobody sees. And people can emote, yet the very emotion that emanates from the work of a person fade faster than a small wet surface on a scorching afternoon.

So who am I, you ask? My name is Dewitt Valentino, and I write for this sole purpose: to share with you fragments of the world I live in. I’ve lived a life that is full, one that is filled with mystery, danger, love, and pain, and with it, I hope to intimately share them with you – my readers.

Stay with me awhile. The story of Dewitt Valentino has only just begun.