Dearest Reader,

When was the last time you saw the night sky in its full majesty? Perhaps not recently. Unfortunate. The night sky is a majesty of its own, and it holds many wonders, curiosities and beauties that, if pondered about, will undoubtedly incapacitate a person’s imagination. What does it feel like to freely traverse space? Or how would a human, who are confined by our physical limitations, could ever live on another planet’s surface? All of these thoughts are worthy of a ponder, yet most often the answer remains unknown.

I remember vividly one very particular moment where I gazed at the stars. I was at a dam and was lying on the cold, hard, concrete. Darkness surrounded me; no light interrupted my view of the majestic sky, and it was beautiful. I pondered upon the ideas I mentioned earlier as the radiant stars glistened and glowed in the endless sky. Smiling, I felt content and secure in being able to have a moment to bask in the loveliness of nature – despite the undeniable reality that, yes, I was alone.

I spent probably an hour in this gaze, admiring the view and feeling the calmness and the serenity of a cool breeze blowing through my clothes. For that moment I felt complete, and as I stood to return to my vehicle, I couldn’t help but stop to take one more gaze at the night sky. It was beautiful.

When was the last time you saw the night sky in its full majesty?



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