Dewitt’s Exposition.

Dearest Reader,

2016, as most of the people I’ve encountered have said, was, by no stretch of the imagination, lacklustre. It was the home for pain, sacrifice and countless reflection. Many of the events which took place in 2016 were of the challenging quality and, just to be quaint, I hope 2017 does not replicate in its footsteps.

I’d like to take this moment to change the pace of introspection. In many of my pieces, the ideas which took its foundations were inspiring and/or had great meaning to me. The next few pieces will prove to be different as it will resemble a similar, yet unique, form, in that rather discussing an in idea the piece would prefer to discuss who Dewitt Valentino is and the unique stories that he holds. This entire endeavour will result in five pieces, each with its own unique feature and story. I do sincerely hope you enjoy them.

Exposition, a word that greatly describes who Dewitt Valentino is. For those of you who are not accustomed to what the true nature of exposition is, it is essentially a process of tearing something apart to understand the complexities of something – or someone. Dewitt Valentino is quite like this. In everything he does, he aims to understand the unique complexities of it. How do people interact, and why do they interact? How do people feel, and why does it affect us so much? And, perhaps, the most important to him: why do people love? It is such a complex emotion, with powers that stretch the imagination. It can make irrational things seem rational, the illogical logical. And yet we strive for it, we yearn for it, and we long for it. What if the world didn’t need to love? Things would be so straightforward. Yet, this complexity adds colour to life and is something which – though has the power to destroy – has the capacity to build something unique in the person.

One of the biggest occurrences in Dewitt’s life in the past few years has been of love. He has sought to find it, but in doing so opened up a series of unfortunate events. It tore him into many pieces, broken him in more ways that he could ever imagine. Yet, despite all of these things, he has come out of it with an, even more, appreciation for finding that right person. To give oneself to a person who adores you far beyond imagination is a quality that he longs for, and is one that he hopes to return in the future.

In 2017, I, Dewitt Valentino, hope to appreciate life for what it is: a dynamic, ever-changing, world. How will you appreciate 2017?



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