Dearest Reader,

If you were asked about something that mattered to you, what would you say? My guess would be something formulaic – though not irrelevant nor inappropriate – like family, friends or happiness. And that would be a real answer. But what if I were to ask you again, but this time with the hope of reaching a unique answer. What if I were to ask you to ponder what it is that is important to you aside from the paramount? What would you say?

For me, and this is aside from everything fundamental – like God, family, or friends – I would immediately respond with this: wine. Why wine? Mmm, well that, my dear reader, is something I’d hope you’d ask. Let me explain.

Wine, in many of its forms, to me, holds such a beautiful amalgamation of charm, complexity, and romance. Charm, because of its natural hue and colouration; complexity, because of its many scents and flavorous notes; and romance, because of its need to be cared for and looked after. All of these things come together to form a liquid that soothes, that touches, and warms the heart – and I love it.

In many cases, people treat wine like it is purely an intoxicant – which it is – but they fundamentally forget about everything else it offers. It offers an intimate story of how the grapes (Vitis Vinifera) grew, matured and fermented. In each taste of the wine, you are privileged to live through the life of the grape and sense everything it has to offer. Was the climate cool, temperate or hot? You can taste the ripeness and acidity of the wine. Was the soil high in minerals, or rocky or volcanic? You can taste the richness of the wine. Did the wine makers add any signature techniques to their fermentation process? You’ll also be able to taste that. In everything, from start to finish, you are given the opportunity to fill your palate with flavours that are unique to that vintage (the year the grape was harvested), and then once you have lived through that experience, it’s gone – forever. And I absolutely admire that.

In essence, this same perspective can be applied to all aspects of life. Most, if not all, of our life experiences, bear the same similarities to that of wine. We grow, adapt and ferment from many different environments making us unique in charm, complexity and romance. Every person has their own story, their own flavour, and when their time – our time – is over, that’s it. It’s gone forever.

How will you cherish the unique notes each person has? How will you enjoy it? Will you treat it like it’s purely an intoxicant? Or will you treat it with respect and marvel? That is purely up to you.



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