City of Stars.

Dearest Reader,

A drug. An addiction. That is what “City of Stars”, a beautiful song from La La Land, is to me. It started off as a crush, an infatuation, but slowly – yet surely – it captured the threads of my heart. Every note, every twinkle of the piano, has such a pleasant atmosphere to it that I cannot help but savour every moment of it. It is a song that hits the emotions hard, like an arrow hitting the centre of a giant “X”, and I absolutely adore it.

Today, dear Reader, I want to keep this post short. I want it to be succinct, straight to the point, yet, in its own way, be filled with mystery and curiosity. And I think I can achieve it. How? Continue reading.

Not many, if I may say, will observe how I will achieve shortness and succinctness with mystery and curiosity. Dressed in letters is a string which echoes my fondness for something – like my fondness for “City of Stars”. Rest assured that I’ve hidden it very well, and only the people who are truly curious will understand its meaning.

I do understand that today’s post is cryptic in nature. A multitude of you, my dear readers, will perhaps be dumbfounded by the sense of it. To you, I apologise, but to the others, I applaud you.

Life is a mystery. A puzzle. In it lies secrets which will only be revealed through careful consideration and understanding. I know that some of you are puzzle hunters, and so to you, I say this, “Let us begin.”



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