Valentine’s Day.

Dearest Reader,

Chances Are you might’ve noticed the imminent arrival of Valentine’s Day, a day that is supposedly designed purely for love, affection and adoration. To make it very clear, I, for one, am a real advocate for treating each and every day with your significant other as its own little Valentine’s Day. However, because this particular day is just around the corner, I wanted to take this moment to dedicate today as the day to speak about it.

Valentine’s Day is a wondrous occasion. Flowers abound, chocolates are devoured, and invisible love hearts effortlessly float above everyone’s heads. People look deeply into each other’s eyes as if flirting with their souls and fill each other with – what can only be described as – butterflies. It’s a beautiful sight. What is not beautiful, however, is the idea that these gestures can only be made during Valentine’s Day. I’ve seen many men who, unfortunately, prefer to practice this horrible trend by spending this one beautiful day as a sincere lover and the other 364 days as a robotic mess. This goes against everything that I am, and I genuinely hope that those men realise it and sincerely love their significant others daily.

You might ask, “Dewitt, do you have a Valentine?”

My response would be, “Well, let me tell you something.”

Recently, a kind-hearted, musical loving, puzzle hunting, physics loving, wine appreciating, beautifully immaculate, piano playing, romantic lady was introduced to me. She, to my profound surprise, has been remarkable in every way. I have never met, even in the slightest, a person similar to her – and, my golly, do I adore her. She has the complexion of incredible beauty and a brilliant mind which baffles and astounds me. She’s intelligent, humorous, enchanting and light-hearted, able to make any conversation beautiful and warm. I know I haven’t known her for very long, but let me tell you this: Never have I wanted to know a person this much in my life.

I can hear you already asking, “So? Are you going to do something about it?”

And I would say, “Absolutely.”

In probably the most unprecedented way, I want to take this moment to ask a person something – Chances Are she already knows who she is. In my usual nature, I would ask them in person, but the idea of leaving little hints – little emoji kisses – gives me incredible joy. You could say that I am already drawing a chalk picture of a flower on a blackboard hanging on one side of a very thin wall separating two apartments.

Mystery lady, would you please give me the utmost pleasure by being my Valentine?



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day.

  1. Dear writer,

    Didn’t notice Valentine’s day is just around the corner since I never embrace this festival, another day for the merchant to rip you off. However, I am sure your mystery lady will have a really great time with someone like you, so sweet and so breath taking. Happy Valentine’s day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Writer,

      I agree completely. Valentine’s Day is becoming more of a consumer nightmare than beauty. Perhaps it’s time for society to bring these things back to honesty and love.

      I appreciate your compliments. We will see! From my knowledge she’s yet to see it!

      Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, dear Writer.


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